Membership is open to all Columbia Law School students and faculty.

Tastings are not open to the public. Only students of Columbia Law School who are also members of the club will be allowed entry.

Information about events this year can be found here.

Information about events from past years can be found here.

Why Become a DeVinimus Member?

DeVinimus hosts five or six school-wide tastings at the law school each semester. Members are invited to all of these tastings, which are covered by a one-time payment of dues.

DeVinimus finds knowledgeable winemakers, winery owners, and other presenters to guide students through an educational tasting experience covering a variety of wines from different geographical areas, grape varieties, and styles. Because Columbia law students as a demographic are likely to be future wine consumers, many producers and distributors are interested in educating us about their brands and wine generally. As a result, most of our wines are donated.

To secure a seat at a tasting, members must RSVP via an online form accessible through the email inviting them to the tasting. Some events fill quickly, but members who make a reasonable effort to RSVP promptly usually find no difficulty securing seats.

We do allow non-members to RSVP for events and attend if space is available, and the Guest Fee is $30. Membership dues represent a far better value per tasting, and members receive priority when seeking to secure a seat at our most popular events, which have a limited capacity.

Attendance Policy

Because we have a large membership and our events are in high demand, DeVinimus has a zero tolerance policy for no-shows at events. Our goal is to include as many members as possible; no-shows only take spaces away from interested members.

In light of this goal, the members who do not show up on time to events will be ineligible to attend the next event. We realize that unexpected changes of plans happen, so if you are no longer able to attend an event, please notify us at at least 24 hours in advance of the event. This ensures that all of our spots are filled, no one is needlessly excluded from attending an event, and no wine is wasted. Attendance is taken at the door.

The attendance policy likewise extends to guests. Therefore, if you plan to bring a guest, please pay the guest fee at the time of filling out the RSVP form. This fee will be refunded to you as long as you cancel your (or your guest’s) reservation more than 24 hours in advance of the tasting. Note that your guest’s reservation will not be registered until the guest fee is paid.

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