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2016-2017 DeVinimus Board

Emma Bennett & Narun Popattanachai, President
Michael Fronk, Treasurer
Emily Tomlinson, Membership Liaison
Kelly Landers Hawthorne, Vice President
Jackie Stykes, Social Chair
Alex Dvorscak, Secretary/Social Media Chair

2015-2016 DeVinimus Board

Andrew Sutton, President
Emma Bennett, Treasurer
Ryan Martin-Patterson, Membership Liaison
Alex Gross, Vice President
Hannah Schecter, Social Chair
Alice Wang, Tasting Team Captain

2014-2015 DeVinimus Board

Taylor Hartstein, President
Andrew Sutton, Treasurer
Alex Gross, Membership Liaison
Alice Wang, Vice President

2013 – 2014 DeVinimus Board

Simon Cassell, President
Taylor Hartstein, Treasurer
Shannon Cleary, Membership Liaison
Rumbi Maweni, Vice President
Brendan Carroll, Vice President
Katie Kettle, Social Chair
Leyla Hadi, Social Chair
Oliver McDonald, Secretary
TJ Morgan, Secretary

2012 – 2013 DeVinimus Board

David Leimbach, President
Simon Cassell, Treasurer
Colleen Traflet, Social Liaison
Jasmine Bolton, Social Media Coordinator
Katy Dacey, Vice President
Katherine Gorman, Vice President
Paavana Kumar, Vice President, Director of Communications
Rumbi Maweni, Vice President
Duncan Simpson, Vice President
Danny Chor
Jeff Izant
Dan Thompson
Brendan Carroll
Shannon Cleary
Breanna Fields
Leyla Hadi
Oliver McDonald
TJ Morgan
Taylor Hartstein
Katie Kettle
Aurélien Loric
Kyndra Jamison
David Shapiro

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