Want to Host an Event with Us?

Why host an event with DeVinimus?

Our members, all of whom are students and faculty of Columbia Law School, are all interested in learning about and trying wines. Some are novices, while others have been developing their palates and learning about wine for years.

DeVinimus is also a professional network for aspiring attorneys and accomplished alumni. Our students will rely on their wine education as part of navigating the business and client world. Wineries who present with us will get to be a part of this cherished tradition, and many wineries have become long-standing partners with us over the years.

Logistics of DeVinimus Tastings

DeVinimus hosts between four and six tastings each semester. Typically, our society provides glassware, space, bread, cheese, water, and labor for setup and cleanup after the event.

All events take place at Columbia Law School.

Our events typically take place on weeknights and last between one and two hours. Depending on the time of the semester, attendance varies, and we expect between 60 and 80 people.

Want to know more?

Reach out to us via email (DeVinimus@gmail.com) or on Instagram (@DeVinimus_CLS)