Aged Wine Tasting (part 2)

What: Aged Wine (led by Robin Kelley O’Connor)
When: Friday, April 14, 2017
Where: JG 304

We’ve decided to do a second Aged Wine Tasting this year (which we are very excited about)!

Long story short, we as a club have a collection of older wines that were donated to us by a friend of Bob Cunningham’s because they could not be sold at auction for a variety of minor flaws (such as being slightly under-filled or having their labels damaged). We’ve had these wines for years and have been slowly drinking down our reserves – and we think this may be the last group of them that we have left to drink. Bob wants to drink them now because they are only getting older (although that is not always a bad thing). We will also need whoever is available to show up a bit early (say, around 2) to get the wines set up.

The cost for this event is normally $100 per person, but since we are winding down the wine and no longer have to pay as much for its storage, we are only going to charge $70 per person. We have extremely limited seating available for this special tasting (right now, about 10 left!!). So don’t hang around. They are filled on FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis (guests are invited as well, and it will be $70 for them too).

This is a really rare opportunity that we have to taste some of these old, great wines – those who came last semester can tell anyone interested about it. Great examples from last year include a bottle of Petrus from the 50s, Cheval Blanc from the 60s, as well as many first growths and super seconds. It’s a fun and educational experience and we encourage anyone interested to sign up!

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