Introducing the 2023-2024 Executive Board

Abigail George

Vice President
Alex MacDonald

Jonathan Shapiro

Social Chair
Henry Merschat

Membership Chair
Natasha Dusaj

Publicity Chair
Ebba Brunstrom

Alumni Relations
Taylor Fountain

Elizabeth Edel

Master Enologist
Santiago Peralta Ramos

Chief Taster
Chad Kennon

Director of Wines
Jaxon Williams-Bellamy

Message from the Incoming President
It is an honor to serve as president of DeVinimus for the 2023-2024 school year. DeVinimus has a long history at the law school and has earned its reputation for hosting high-quality events that are a highlight of many law students’ time at Columbia. In the year ahead, we’ll continue the programming from previous years and expand our sponsorship, off-campus events, and on-campus tastings.

Château Lagrange Tasting

Last night, Columbia Law students and their guests took a break from midterms and last-minute Halloween costume planning for a treat:

Justine Memmi of Château Lagrange guided us through a tasting of six outstanding wines and taught us about the history of the estate and the philosophy of how their wine is made.

So many thanks to Justine and Château Lagrange! We have two more tastings this semester – see the Events page for details.

Thank you for coming out: Wines 101

Last week, we hosted our first tasting of the semester: Wines 101. Over the course of the evening, our advisors Robert Cunningham and Robin Kelley O’Connor led us through the basics of wine tasting as we sampled twelve wines.

Thank you to everyone who came out – we look forward to seeing you at our next tasting: Chateau Latour-Martillac, tonight (September 23)!

Wines 101: Event Details and Materials

On Monday, September 16, we will host our annual Wine 101 tasting. At the beginning of every school year, we host this educational tasting to give the wine-beginners among us a bit of foundational wine knowledge.  We have selected a wide variety of wines making this tasting a great way to figure out your wine preferences.

As a reminder, you must RSVP in order to attend our tastings: RSVP here for Wines 101. Tastings are sit-down events, during which the guest wine experts give detailed presentations on the wine and walk everyone through the tasting glass-by-glass.

Below, you can find links to some supplemental materials that will be helpful for the tasting:

An Introduction to Wine Tasting

A Guide to Wine Aromas and Bouquets

Varietal Analysis

Deductive Tasting